Alba Textiles was established in 1993 and in over two decades, has emerged as one of the leading exporters of textiles and accessories. It has garnered a reputation for supplying excellent quality products time after time. Manufactured under strict supervision and adhering to exacting quality standards, our products are of superior quality yet are priced affordably. The products are made from high quality cotton and other natural materials and are safe for use. Untouched by machines, our handcrafted pompom trims, brush fringes, fan edge trims and other accessories are incomparable to similar products in the market.

The trims and ribbons are in great demand today by crafters from all over the world. Used for beautifying everyday boring linen into colourful and unique pieces, they are available in various sizes, colours colour combinations and lengths. These can be used to stitch on to edges of curtains, sheets, pillow covers, table cloths, and even for making into toys.

Alba Textiles has a web store that enables craft enthusiasts from across the globe to order pompom trims, tassel fringes, fan edge trims and other accessories. The site is user friendly and easy to navigate, making it easy for customers to select the required products and place orders. We ship worldwide and service is quick, depending of course on the availability of the selected products. We guarantee that every product available in our store is genuine, made from natural materials and is safe for use even for infants.

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